Frequently Asked Questions


How should i prepare for my shoot?

My number one recommendation to get the most out of your images is…
Hire a professional hair & makeup artist! I am more than happy to provide you a list of recommended salons,
or even artists that can come TO YOUR BARN to get you looking photo-ready right before your session! 

As far as preparing your horse…
WORK HIM/HER DOWN! Horses don't usually love standing still and posing for the camera while standing on a giant salad;
so a lunge, ride or VIGOROUS turnout before the session is a must! Yes! Even your super chill eq horse!

After booking a session with me, you will receive a “Welcome Packet.”
Not only will it contain all the information you need on how to best prepare yourself &
your horse for your upcoming session, but it'll have some fun goodies for you & your horse too!

What Should I wear?

Your wardrobe choices should reflect your personal style.
Don't completely change your look because you're getting in front of the camera!
I recommend bringing a selection of different clothing pieces. Bring some pops of color, neutrals, layers, accessories.
I love wardrobe changes. Casual, formal and riding outfits can all be accommodated.

More detailed information will be provided in your “Welcome Packet!”  


Almost all of my sessions are shot on location at the facility that your horse lives at.
Most barns have at least 2-3 spots that make for beautiful photos.
These spots aren't always obvious, but if they're there, I'll find them! 
If you're really worried about the backdrop, you can always trailer out and we can meet at an agreed upon location.
I prefer to shoot in the hours surrounding sunset for that beautiful golden glow.
For overcast days, I tend to shoot a bit earlier in the day. 

For Equine Fine Art Sessions, barn aisle or other session space should be swept, clean & free from clutter.
I prefer to shoot these sessions around mid-day.

What if the weather is bad?

Both sunny & overcast weather are great for photos, but if the weather is rainy or stormy,
I will let you know if we need to reschedule.
I keep a pretty close eye on weather forecasts and can usually let you know
24-48 hours in advance if rescheduling is out best bet. 

Black background sessions can be shot in almost all weather.

How does payment work?

A retainer is required at the time of booking, to secure your date.
The amount varies depending on type of session & travel involved.
Retainers can be paid via Credit Card, or PayPal.
The remainder is due the day of the session. Cash, check, PayPal & credit cards are accepted.

How/when do i get my images?

Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing all of the images.
Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook page to see sneak peeks and previews of your session! 
Your images will be placed in a beautiful online gallery where you can view, download and share them on social media.
You will also be able to order discounted prints & products right from your gallery!

Digital files are great, but what about prints, Albums & other products?

I believe there’s nothing more important than printing your memories.
Although your online gallery will be active forever, discounted prints & products
will only be available for purchase during the first two weeks the gallery is active.
After that time, prints & products can be ordered through Holly.